Help your Child Improve their Grades in Three Easy Steps

We often call this time the “End of the Honeymoon Period” in school. Why is this? Well, typically everyone is at their best for the first month or two of school. That is, teachers are patient and have low expectations regarding their students’ behavior and work habits. Parents are on high-alert to make sure their child is doing his or her homework and turning it in on time. Kids are refreshed from a few months off and put their best foot forward.

Recognizing Mental Health Problems

As school begins to wind down and families prepare for summer, an important awareness campaign is being launched: Mental Health Awareness Month. Of particular interest is the way that mental health disease impacts the children in our society.  Studies have found that 1 in 5 children are living with a diagnosable mental health problem and two-thirds [...]

Real Help Available for Learning Differences

For many parents, there is still a perceived stigma attached to a diagnosis of learning disability. This is a shame, because there is very real help available for students with disabilities. Children with learning differences generally have average to above average intellectual ability; however, they may still struggle to keep up with their peers in [...]

Mindfulness helps adolescents?

For adolescents specifically, research shows that practice in mindfulness can be a powerful intervention tool for those whose daily functioning and quality of life are negatively affected by their negative emotions. After receiving training in mindfulness, adolescents reported that their participation in group training significantly reduced self-reported anxiety, depression, and manifestation of emotional anxiety into [...]

Mindfulness Groups are Starting

Adolescent Mindfulness Training Coming to the Center for Learning Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment Registration for Mindfulness Groups Happening Now Open to students in grades 7-10 (approximate ages 13-16) Registration:      $135 for a package of 6 sessions $25 per individual session   Girls’ Mindfulness Group Every other Sunday beginning [...]

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